Join The Bridge for our D.R. Trip

We are so glad that you are considering going with us to see the work in the Dominican Republic.  You will be a part of a working mission. The Crossover Cups team is on the ground working 365 days a year.

 July 9-14, 2019   -CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Trips Cost


Your non-refundable lodging deposit of $100 confirms your registration. You DO NOT have a space confirmed until the deposit is received. (Your $625 balance will be due by November 1, 2019)

For answers to questions, email Ben Sorrells from The Bridge (ben@887thebridge.com)

Your trip cost includes:

  • Transportation on the ground; fuel, drivers

  • Interpreters when needed

  • Supplies needed for painting/construction

  • Lodging during your stay

  • Any gratuities

Your trip cost does NOT include:

  • *Airfare-Each person is responsible for coordinating their own airfare to arrive in POP (Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic) on the TUESDAY afternoon of the week you choose to come. Because of flights originating from multiple airports for our teams, it has become impossible to predict an average price for airfare costs.

  • The cost (if any) of ONE Checked Bag for the Mission (contents needed will be described below). Some mission participants have status with their respective airlines that gives them a checked bag for free. If you do not, the average price is $25 to check a bag the contents of which will be for needs for the mission.

  • Any hotel stay stateside: Depending on which flight you choose and which originating airport, you may decide to get a hotel room for the night prior to your departure. (For example, if your flight is out at 5:30am and you are an hour away from the airport, you may want to get a hotel room since you need to be at the airport around 3:30-4:00am)

Frequently Asked Questions
Don't see the answer to your question here?
 email ben@887thebridge.com or text 855-877-8770


Accommodations in the Dominican 

Sosua by the Sea OR Rio Vista Lodge, Dominican Republic

Convenient to the areas we serve and the places we will evangelize, these facilities have been serving missionaries for years. The layout of the grounds is ideal for worship, group devotional sessions and Bible study and will help create a team feel. 

*If you would like your own room by yourself, there is an additional charge.

Your Dominican Republic accommodations are included in the cost of your trip.*
(Any accommodations related to, or in preparation for your departure from or upon returning to the United States are not included. If, for example, you need to get a hotel prior to your departure close to your originating airport, that will be at your expense.)


A photo ID (driver’s license) and a passport are required. If you do not currently have a passport, you must apply for one at least 35 days prior to departure to ensure you receive it in time. Make two photocopies of your passport’s ID photo page, give one to your emergency contact and keep one for yourself.


Visit your physician to let them know that you will be participating in mission work in Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic and adhere to all immunization recommendations. Check with the CDC travelers health information.

Luggage -supply items needed for mission

You will carry three plus (3+) pieces of luggage, including 1-2 large suitcases that you will leave behind. The one LARGE Suitcase is the one you will CHECK under the plane; the other 2 will be your personal belongings to take on the plane. (If you or someone you know does not have an old suitcase to donate, purchase one inexpensively at a thrift store. (Consider asking friends, relatives, and parishioners to help support your trip by donating some or all of the following items.)

1. Large check-in suitcase (for outbound travel only) not to exceed 50 lbs. Contents that you/Bridge listeners will supply:

  • 6 boxes of crayons and 6 boxes of pencils

  • a small personal fan

  • a ream of printer paper

  • a small guitar amp -link here, something comparable is fine.

  • 3 jars of peanut butter and 3 cans of tuna

  • 2 bags/containers of peanuts

  • 2 bottles of multi-vitamins

  • 2 bottles of Cod Fish Oil*

  • 1 deflated Basketball

  • 2 Zip-loc storage bags (for double-bagging contents) with bug spray, sunscreen, and any other tanning products you wish to use during your stay. Seal the bags, one inside the other, and write your name on the outside with a permanent Magic Marker/Sharpie pen.

  • Disposable diapers of any size/age group, not to exceed roughly 15 lbs.

2. Backpack or purse - (for your belongings)

3. Suitcase that meets carry-on requirements - (for your belongings)

*Caution: Ensure within your carry-on bags liquids and toiletries do not exceed 3 oz. each. All toiletries weighing more than 3 oz. risk being confiscated by the TSA.


It is recommended that you bring six sets of clothes, one for travel and one for each of the five days laboring.

We also recommend you take old, second-hand, or thrift store clothes, one set for each workday. They should be suitable for painting, cleaning, and serving people in intense heat and severe living conditions. 

Bring at least one pair of old sneakers or closed-toed shoes suitable for those days when we make trips to the dump that you can discard at the end of the trip.

*A swimsuit is necessary for swimming. Women, please bring a cover-up to wear traveling to and from the pool.

Personal Items 

We recommend you do not bring jewelry, electronic devices, or other valuables. Cell phone service is not available; however, the lodge provides WiFi . You will be provided a contact telephone number in advance of departure where you can be reached in case of emergency.


Use only bottled water for drinking and brushing teeth. The lodge supplies drinking water, including in each room, and offers many bottled water stations. Bottled water will also be provided at all work locations. Some individuals bring a water bottle/container with them on the trip that they can refill.


The Dominican peso is the national currency; however, the American dollar is accepted everywhere. The trip fee covers all expenses in country, including food, water, and transportation and lodging. Bring only a small amount of money for any souvenirs you may wish to purchase, and limit this to one and five - dollar bills. (It's hard to bargain for a $ 5 item when all you have are $20s!) Consider bringing one credit card for emergencies. If you want to snorkel, bring $25, sometimes they give us group discount. And yes, you can use some of your cash to tip our drivers/translators as you feel led.

  • Trip Sample Schedule (this is a tentative schedule. FLEXIBILITY is a key word in the Dominican :)) 

    TUESDAY: / Orientation /Testimony/Dinner/Out to the villages

    WEDNESDAY: Garbage Dump Feeding Program/  House Painting /Food Distribution in La Union Abajo/ Evening Missionary Meet and Greet

    THURSDAY: House Painting  / Afternoon in the Village/Prayer Walk

    FRIDAY: Food Distribution /  Snorkeling / Evening Movie Outreach 

    SATURDAY: Children's Program / La Union Day Camp / Oceanside wrap-up

    SUNDAY: Church /  Lunch / Fly home 

    *Trip schedule subject to change.