Cups of Cold Water Store

The products featured on this page are made by young girls in the Dominican Republic through the Cups of Cold Water Project's Sewing For Souls Program. The girls in the program are learning how to sew, learning a skill, so that they won't be led into human trafficking in the Dominican Republic. The D.R. ranks # 4 in the world for human trafficking. Your gift goes to the girl and her family so she can continue to learn a business and a trade. Sure, you could purchase bags and jewelry like you see here much cheaper in the States, but it wouldn't be made from one of the girls in the program, and it wouldn't help them escape the plight of human trafficking.

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Pillows: $20

Handbags: $20

Bracelets: $10


Cups Project Watch: $100


The pictures here are representative of what you will receive. Every bag, bracelet, and pillow is one of a kind so to feature each picture is impossible. The Cups Project Watch comes inscribed on the back of the watch and burned in to the top of the wooden container it ships in. 

The next page will take you to our online order form. Please allow 10-12 days for delivery. Shipping/Handling charge will also be included on the next page so that we can send 100% of your gift to the young ladies in the Dominican Republic.

DIRECTIONS: Total out the number of items you want. Bracelets are $10, Handbags and Pillows are $20.
Watches are $100. You can type in the total dollar amount of your items (on the first line in the next page), then near the bottom of the order form, you can choose how many of each item you requesting.