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How To Share Your Testimony


1. Speak in complete sentences.
When speaking with a translator, talk in complete and single sentences. The translators can translate 1-2 sentences at a time. And remember, you are talking with the children, women, and men...not the translator. Look out into the audience and make eye contact. You are sharing your life with these people. They are listening to you, not the translator.

2. Always speak broadly.
Don’t use specific location because, chances are, they have no idea what the different states or specific restaurants are. However, when it comes to your sin, struggles, and hardships, they can relate. We are all human and deal with the same things!

3. Include the 3 major components of your story -- before Jesus, how you met Jesus, after Jesus.
As followers of Jesus, we have been born again. We have been made new. When sharing your testimony, always begin with who you were before you found Jesus. What did you struggle with? Were you sad, lonely, scared? What purpose were you living for--your own pleasure, your parents’ approval? Sin is sin, no matter how big or small, what language you speak, or where you live. But Jesus loves us all. Share about how you met Jesus and what his sacrifice on the cross means to you. Who presented the good news to you--your parents, best friend, or mentor? Everyone’s way of coming to Jesus is beautiful and worth sharing. Lastly, how has your life changed since the day you claimed Jesus as Lord and Savior of your life? Do you have a new sense of hope / purpose? Our sinful nature does not change immediately. We still struggle. However, we now have the constant support of God and His word to turn to.

4. Have fun!
You are sharing the best news! You were once dead in sin, and now you are alive in Chris! This is worth celebrating and sharing. You are simply sharing your story, and these people want to hear it.

Sample Support Letter

Crossover Malawi

In partnership with River of Life in Malawi, Crossover Malawi exists to help grow a vocational center and provide discipleship to youth in the surrounding villages.


With an 80% unemployment rate for educated youth, many youth are forced to turn to crime, prostitution, or other less-desirable activities in order to survive. The vocational center is intended to help provide them with other skills to be able to find work.

Activities During Our Trip

  • Pastoral Conference

  • Women’s Leadership Training

  • Bible Camp

  • Sharing Testimonies

  • Visiting and Touring Vocational Center


Dear Friend,

I’m so excited to share with you an opportunity I have to be a part of what God is doing in Malawi, Africa! I will be traveling with Crossover Malawi to see their work with River of Life and their youth skills development center.

[insert personal appeal—what you’re excited for, how you felt called to this, etc.]

I would so appreciate your support as I travel to Malawi. If you would like to partner with me, I would covet your prayers. I also need to raise about $_____ by ______ in order for me to be able to go on this trip. You can donate to help me go at

Recommended Books to Read Before Your Trip