Dear Friend!

What a blessing your support is to us.
I’ve just returned from the Dominican Republic and have seen first hand the fruits of your prayers and gifts. I have to admit I was blown away by how God is moving in poverty stricken area. I’m thrilled to report that many of the children who just seven short years ago were children with no direction who are now leading the Bible Camp in Zion Village. Some of the girls who are now leading were young girls who were vulnerable to the snares of human trafficking, but….


You stepped in and prayed. You gave and you helped to change that child’s destiny. The community center that was completed just three years ago is now full to capacity with hundreds of children learning about Jesus. Wow.

And just last week, I stood in the dump and watched as person after person was fed and given cold water in Jesus’ name. What started out as a once a week endeavor is now operating FIVE days a week! Yes, these people get to eat five out of seven days now. Think about that for a moment. J

Another exciting piece of news is we received permission THIS WEEK to begin building the pavilion in the dump so that people can get out of the blazing sun to sit down and eat. Even more exciting, is that they will have a place to wash their hands and use the restroom in dignity. Your support has helped make that happen.

I came back from the Dominican excited and also with the conviction that there is more to do. Lives are being changed, discipleship is happening, and God is on the move. But we have more to do.

WE have invested a lot of resources in what is happening on the ground in the Dominican. As you know, ministry costs money. Someone has to do the organizing and administrating in order for the work of the ministry to happen. The same thing is true for Crossover Ministries International (CMI).


Two years ago, our board and I raised the money necessary to bring on a Director of Operations person to help us be able to do more ministry, take more teams, and partner with more organizations, here in the States. The purpose of this was to send resources to the ground in Puerta Plata. With those special gifts that were raised, Will Crosby was hired. And let me just tell you, this young man has done—and continues to do— an excellent job. From one team staying one week in the summer of 2013, to more than eight teams and eight weeks in the summer of 2017, our mission teams have grown incredibly. What’s so exciting is that many of these team members return to the states to bring additional people on future trips as well as influence other individuals and families to make an international impact through CMI.

Because of the ministry growth, we are at another crucial crossroads. We need additional staff stateside with focused attention on our international efforts. I believe in being honest with our partners and supporters.


For the last ten years, I have been serving our ministry in a full-time capacity as the Executive Director, but the position has been a volunteer position. For this season, God had given me income from other sources in order to enable me to serve at my pleasure and to enable CMI to spend more money in ministry on the ground. That season of provision from other sources is coming to an end. Therefore, I need your help.

I believe in the impact of ministry. I’ve seen it. I’ve hugged the ones impacted and received their tearful thanks.


But the word is out. We have more people to help than we can possibly help as of this moment. We need more. I know that always seems to be the case, but I’ve still got to ask.


I’m praying that you and our other partners will believe in the impact of our ministry. I’m praying that you’ll help provide funding for this new position. A position that I’m willing and ready to step into.


My prayer is that, through you, God will provide 6 -12 months of the finances I need in order to continue to provide for my family. Tax deductible monthly gifts would be so incredibly generous and I would be so very grateful. However, if a monthly gift isn’t possible at this time, a one time gift would be just as much a blessing.


Thankfully, I believe I can generate any remaining need from other strategic partners that will step up to join you. Another prayer is that God will provide these funds by August 10, 2017, prior to our Facebook LIVE event (7pm EST) where we will be sharing with partners and supporters even more additional and exciting things that God is doing.

Would you pray for God to provide through CMI?

Would you be a part of that new season of provision?

You can give online at by clicking this special link and your gift will be earmarked for this support.

Thank you so very much!!

Jack Eason
Executive Director