Music Changes Lives! 

Teach a child to play an instrument and they become a better student in every other aspect of their education. Teach a child to play an instrument with others and they learn how to be a team player in a world that can't seem to work together. Teach a child to harmonize their voices and instruments with others and you will change a community. Ultimately, in our area of the Dominican Republic, when you teach a child an instrument it may just give him a great job at one of the many hotels on our north coast.


"A few years ago we taught a young man from a very poor village to play guitar, today he is a welcomed singer in every hotel and Restaurant in the area. A little equipment and some lessons changed his life. He has a little sound system and a nice guitar. A small investment in his talent has changed his life. He now serves as one of the program music teachers." -Mike Williams


Right now on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, two mountain villages are experiencing a high quality music program. Children are learning to play multiple instruments and to play them well. They are being taught by skilled musicians who can play well and teach well. They are not on the streets, because they are learning to play, and they are loving it.

You can be a part of the success. Your gift of a guitar, bass, keyboard, saxophone, trumpet, or drum set means another group of children will get time on instruments. We have the buildings, we have the teachers, we need more instruments. We need to be able to loan instruments to kids for home practice.

Contact our Music Changes Lives director in the U.S. by calling 863-670-1668 or email