TRIP COST is $725* (Plus airfare)



A  passport is required. If you do not currently have a passport, you must apply for one at least 90 days prior to departure to ensure you receive it in time. Make two photocopies of your passport’s ID photo page, give one to your emergency contact and keep one for yourself.

Passport Application and Renewal Information:


Participate: Registration Steps
Your non-refundable lodging deposit of $100 confirms your registration. You DO NOT have a space confirmed until the deposit is received. (Your $625 balance will be due by Sep. 1 for Fall Trips, Nov. 1 for Dec/Jan 2019 Trips.)

Your trip cost includes:

  • Transportation on the ground; fuel, drivers

  • Interpreters when needed

  • all Meals while in the D.R.

  • Supplies needed for painting/construction

  • Lodging during your stay-We do NOT guarantee a SPECIFIC hotel/lodge.

  • Any gratuities

Your trip cost does NOT include:

  • *Airfare-Each person is responsible for coordinating their own airfare to arrive in POP (Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic) on the TUESDAY afternoon of the week you choose to come. Because of flights originating from multiple airports for our teams, it has become impossible to predict an average price for airfare costs.

  • The cost (if any) of ONE Checked Bag for the Mission (contents needed will be described below). Some mission participants have status with their respective airlines that gives them a checked bag for free. If you do not, the average price is $25 to check a bag the contents of which will be for needs for the mission.

  • Any hotel stay stateside: Depending on which flight you choose and which originating airport, you may decide to get a hotel room for the night prior to your departure. (For example, if your flight is at 5:30am and you are an hour away from the airport, you may want to get a hotel room since you need to be at the airport around 3:30-4:00am)

    Trip Balance Due Dates:

    Summer Trips

    $100 deposit upon registration

    March 15th : $250

    April 15th :$250

    May 1st : $125

    Fall Trips

    $100 deposit upon registration

    July 15th : $250

    August 15th: $250

    September 1st : $125

    January Trips

    $100 deposit upon registration

    October 15th: $250

    November 15th: $250

    December 1st : $125