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Statement of Belief and Core Values: (Must Read)

Every Crossover CUPS Mission project is based on the teaching of Jesus throughout the Gospels, and backed up in multiple areas of the Bible. Who better to teach us how to ride connected to the Father than Jesus himself? Through His words we were assigned some specific areas to work.

In Matthew 10:42, Jesus explained that God would reward us for any kindness shown to others on behalf of His name. He uses the descriptive wording, “even giving a cup of cold water” would be rewarded. Thus we provide a nutritional program for those living at the city dump. These are mainly the Haitian earthquake refugees who have nothing to go back to. They anxiously await the garbage trucks to arrive for their daily search. We provide cold purified water, peanut butter sandwiches, and hot vitamin enriched soup for these poorest of the poor. Our Haitian speaking minister offers individual spiritual guidance and prayer. Many of these dear people are beautiful believers.

In James 1:27, the half brother of Jesus offered clarity to His teaching in saying that true devotion to God was demonstrated by taking care of the widows and the orphans. Thus we have provided medication, blankets, wheelchairs, and walkers for widows and widowers in need. The Crossover CUPS team provides a weekly Bible class and supplies food for a local orphanage.

In Matthew 25:37, we find Jesus giving instructions as to the provision of medical needs for the sick. This is why we provide water purification units for families. Along with traditional medical assistance, we provide water filtration systems. Contaminated water is the source of over 70% of the sickness and disease seen in the third world. Purifying a water source brings long term health to a family. We also partner with a medical clinic to provide medical care for our Zion Village community.

In Matthew 19:14, Jesus reminds us to welcome the little children into our lives and ministry. Proverbs 22:6 reminds us that when we train a child, we are educating them for their adult life. Consider the fact that 80% of those who choose to serve God do so before they are eighteen years of age. So our Crossover CUPS educational program teaches children the truth of the Bible. We also offer varied classes in English, Geology, Farming, Sewing, Business Education, and trade related studies to prepare them for life. The education program also includes our girls empowerment program. This program takes young girls who are especially at risk for the massive amounts of human trafficking in our area and equips them to survive and thrive without falling victim.

Let’s add the Matthew 28:19-20 command of Jesus to “Go, baptize, and teach!” We do that. In Matthew 11:5 we are told to make sure that the preaching the good news goes to the poor. We share the good news of God's love on the streets of with the prostitutes through our street ministry. We have built a movie truck the goes into the poorest communities to present powerful media presentations about the love of God for mankind.

Along with the kindness of God demonstrated through our godly works, our repetitive message is that of “Be reconciled to God through forgiveness of sins by the grace of God.” In addition, we teach everyone to follow the Father's desired plan for their life to achieve the fulness of joy and personal peace while here on earth. We proclaim the promise of liberty to those who are bound in slavery to addictions, abuse, and ignorance. We proclaim the promise of a brand new life for those who will seek and receive it.

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