Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Summer Staff 2020 Program!  Our Summer Staff Program begins the first week of June and continues through the end of July. As you can see below, our summer staff are a crucial part of the Crossover CUPS Mission during the summer. Preparing and leading each mission activity, building lifelong friendships with the Dominican people in our villages, translating, and working closely with our on-the-ground missionaries are just a few of the many roles and opportunities our summer staff have. Our summer staff also gain a unique experience living in Ingrid’s Village. This allows summer staff to spend a great amount of time with the locals and gain a better understanding of the village life. We look forward to reviewing the Summer Staff 2020 Program applications!

Summer Staff 2020 Requirements

  • Summer staff must be at least 18 years of age the start of their trip

  • Prior to being a summer staffer, you must have been on at least one mission trip with the Crossover CUPS Mission

  • Summer staffers must be able to serve with the Crossover CUPS Mission for the entire length of our program

Summer Staff 2020 Expenses

Our summer staff are volunteers on an extended mission trip. Summer staffers are required to purchase their plane ticket (including required travel insurance), and pay a weekly rate that covers housing, transportation, and meals. Summer staffers need to travel with enough money to cover any expenses during off days. These expenses may include but are not limited to: snorkeling, beach days, surfing, zip-lining, and purchasing of meals as they travel to and from the Dominican Republic. The estimated cost of a summer staff member is $2,000-$2,500.

Summer Staff Roles

Be a Leader

  • Ability to lead large groups of individuals of all ages

  • Answer questions team members may have and/or direct them to someone who can answer their questions

  • Maintain a positive attitude  while working with multiple nationalities represented within Crossover CUPS

Village Life

  • Familiarity with our villages—Zion, Paraiso, Valedor, and La Union Abajo—and their history

  • Build relationships with the families that live within our villages

  • Be a positive influence

Dump Ministry

  • Lead mission teams in serving soup, cold water, and peanut butter sandwiches

  • Prepare truck with supplies for dump ministry 5 mornings a week

House Visitation

  • Lead mission teams door-to-door while meeting and praying with the families 


  • Lead mission teams painting new houses in our villages

  • Inventory and organize all paint and paint supplies

Movie Nights

  • Lead mission teams in showing Christian movies to the local villages 


  • Lead teams in assisting our orphanage program i.e. crafts, music, and snacks

  • Build friendships with the children

Street Ministry

  • Lead mission teams on a prayer walk through downtown Sosua

  • Pray with and talk to girls on the street

  • Know the history of Sosua and how it came to be what it is today

Bible Camp

  • Lead mission teams in assisting in our bible camp programs i.e. crafts, games, music, testimonies, character sketches, and snacks

  • Prepare supplies for bible camp


Please contact Easton Bracey at easton@cupsmission.com.