Hey friends! Don’t you love the news media? While the news reports are some-what accurate about what is happening in the D.R., there is no need to fear coming to the Crossover Cups Mission. All of the stories you have heard about are on the opposite side of the island, with the exception of the most recent one in Sosua. As details on those stories come out, we are hearing of connections to drugs, violence, and prostitution, not always “innocent” American tourists. So, be careful what you believe.
The most recent report in Sosua happened at a hotel that some of you know, in the “red light” district where we do our prayer walks. It’s not close to where teams stay.

As always, our priority is your safety while you are on the ground with us, both for your health (not drinking the water, ie) and for you physically. Know that continues to be our priority. Your part in listening to our team leaders and summer staff will keep you safe while you are here. We look forward to seeing you.

Here is the link to the US advisory.