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Kids in the First World impacting Kids in the Third World! 
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Located 90 minutes off the coast of Florida is what appears to be a tropical paradise. At first glance it may look like many other little Caribbean vacation destinations… but this town holds a secret. Families don’t vacation here anymore. Sosua, Dominican Republic has become ground zero for the trafficking of young girls and young boys. In fact the Dominican is ranked #4 in the world for human trafficking.

Because of poverty, lack of education, and spiritual darkness, parents in the impoverished surrounding villages actually encourage their children to seek financial gain through selling their own bodies. Girls and boys, many as young as eight years old are rented to large groups who travel to this sex tourism destination. Can you imagine how you would feel if this life were your life, or the life of your children, or the life of your grandchildren? One cannot see what is going on without thinking thatsomebody needs to do something about this.

The Crossover Cups Mission is reaching out to the poorest of these children, many who live in the extreme impoverishment of the garbage dump. It is no wonder why the traffickers use this place to find their victims. Here among these poor villages, the Crossover Cups Mission offers an oasis of hope in a desperate place. 

Our Vacation Bible School program exists for three major reasons.

The first is we want to make a Real impact in the lives of those who live in the third world by providing many basic necessities. The second reason is to educate your children on missions and why they are important. And the third reason is to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth!

So why our Vacation Bible School program? Our Vacation Bible School program centers around a real-time 365 days a year ministry outreach in the Dominican Republic. There is active evangelism, teaching and discipleship. Your kids can reach out and impact kids in the Third World through your VBS Missions Offering:

Our vision for our stateside VBS is to not only help make a difference in the lives of children in the Dominican Republic, but to also educate your kids on the reality of the conditions in which some children live across the globe. Of course, some of the realities are very harsh and hard to stomach, but it is with your help we can make a difference.

One of our goals is to connect kids with kids. We have learned that internalizing things comes easy with visuals. That is why we want your kids to see some of the children in the DR. We have extensive photos and videos of the children that live in the Dominican. It makes it more real to see a child and know, “They are a real person, someone who is being ministered to.” In doing this, our goal is to help children understand that the realities in which the children in the DR live in are very real and they need our help. And the same children they visually see, are the same children that will be helped! That is the most exciting part!

What do we bring to your VBS? We have extensive videos and photos of the same children that we are helping. We also have a small team developing some creative material such as posters and visual aids for your VBS classrooms. In providing material like these we hope to help your kids get excited about seeing these children get the help they and their families need! 


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